Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

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Emergency Community Notification Sign-Up

Clark County has implemented an emergency community warning system that is able to send emergency messages via telephone, cellular phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and email to residents and businesses within the county. This system may be used by emergency response personnel to notify specific homes and businesses at risk with specific information about the emergency event. You will only be called when the associated address will be impacted by an emergency. Click here for more info.

Emergency Alert System

The Emergency Alert System is the system most people are familiar with when they think about how they will be alerted to an emergency. This is characterized by several distinctive tones that interrupt regular television or radio broadcasts in order to deliver an emergency message. If you see or hear an EAS warning, pay close attention to the information and take notes to help you remember what you are being asked to do for your own safety.

Like the Emergency Community Notification System, the Emergency Alert System is only activated when other warning methods will not suffice. The chief limitation of the EAS warning method is that you need to be monitoring the local media in order to receive the alert, or subscribe to a paging service that relays that information as a text message to your pager, cell phone, or email.

NOAA Weather Radio

The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Portland is responsible for issuing all weather related warnings. Urgent warnings for fast-moving dangerous weather events, such as a tornado or a severe thunderstorm, may also trigger an EAS alert. For other weather emergencies, where additional time can be taken to notify the public, such as in gradual flooding conditions, the NWS issues their bulletins through other methods, posting them on their website, broadcasting them directly on the NOAA Weather Radio, and notifying the media and emergency management offices directly when the situation is more serious.

The NOAA Weather Radio is a valuable piece of equipment that can warn your household of an impending emergency, whether it is a weather related emergency or another kind of crisis that has resulted in an Emergency Alert System activation. The best kind of NOAA Weather Radio is one that has a backup power system, one that carries the Public Alert logo, and one that has a "S.A.M.E." feature - "Specific Area Message Encoding" - programming capability. This allows you to select the specific area that you want to monitor for emergency notifications.

For Clark County, program your weather radio for #053011. For other areas, click here for more info.