Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Report Damage

Only complete this form if -

  • You are a Clark County resident
  • You sustained damage to your property as a result of [name incident] between [incident start date] and [incident end date]
  • The damage was to your business or your primary residence

Please note: By completing this form you are not applying for disaster assistance. The reason for gathering this damage information is to see if there is enough damage in Clark County for residents to be eligible for federal disaster assistance. Federal assistance is not currently available. If Clark County residents are eligible for this assistance, disaster relief workers will notify you and give you instructions on how to apply.

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Affected: Living unit damaged but still habitable.

Minor: Conditional use. Repairs can be made in under 30 days and for just a few thousand dollars.

Major: Uninhabitable with significant structural damage. Estimated damage costs are greater than 50% of the value of the house.

Destroyed: Permanently uninhabitable. Structure is a total loss.

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