Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency

Request for 9-1-1 Call Information

Making a Records Request & Preparation Fees

All requests for 9-1-1 call information are processed in the order received and require approximately 10 business days to complete. For more information about making a public records request with CRESA, please see "CRESA Directive 01.003" and "Index of Public Records" below. There is no fee for 9-1-1 Call Documentation if under 7 pages. If over 7 pages, the fee is $0.15 per page. The fee for audio recording preparation on CD format is $18.50 per hour, prorated to the nearest quarter hour. WAV file audio recordings are free of charge. Payment of any fees is required upon pickup of request. CRESA accepts personal check, money order or cashier's check in the exact amount. Photo ID is required for personal checks. Cash will be accepted for the EXACT AMOUNT ONLY.



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Information Requested

9-1-1 Call Documentation
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CD (see preparation fees)
WAV File sent to email address
9-1-1 Call Audio Recording - Incoming Call
9-1-1 Call Audio Recording - Incoming Call and related Radio Traffic

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