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Social Media Policy Guidelines

The Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) maintains these social media pages as an avenue to communicate important news and information to constituents, staff, and the public. CRESA respects the differing opinions of our community, however, these pages are not intended to be an open public forum. CRESA encourages community members to comment on its posts to provide their opinions and feedback to CRESA, but all comments must be kept to the topic of CRESA’s original post.

Our audience includes all members of the public, and users should keep that audience in mind when making comments. CRESA reserves the right to remove comments that it reasonably concludes:

  • Clearly deviate from the topic of CRESA’s post;
  • Contain profanities or lewd, obscene, or sexually explicit content;
  • Threaten or harass;
  • Contain defamatory content;
  • Violate the legal ownership interest or copyright of another party;
  • Invade the privacy of staff;
  • Promote or advertise commercial services or products;
  • Incite illegal or unlawful activity;
  • Include religious or irreligious proselytizing;
  • Support or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions; or
  • Demean, disparage, or otherwise discriminate against a person or group in violation of CRESA Policy.

CRESA will not, however, remove comments based solely on viewpoint.

CRESA’s social media accounts are not intended to replace regular communication channels for sharing personal issues and concerns. Comments regarding a personal issue with CRESA or a staff member should be handled directly through email, phone, or in person.

All content related to CRESA business on these sites are a public record, subject to retention and disclosure upon request. CRESA does not express approval or support for the views expressed by third parties.